Our Story

The Realization

Wellness rituals such as candles, blue light glasses and hundreds of dollars worth of skincare, have become as integral a part of our nigh-time routines. We spend considerable amounts of time and money preparing ourselves for the moment we can shut our eyes, only for our efforts to be squandered as we spend the next 6-8 hours sleeping on pillows we cannot wash which, over time, gather bacteria, dust mites and other allergens. This exact realization and his own sensitivities to industry-standard chemicals is what inspired former fashion editor turned sleep-wellness advocate Justin Min to create WAVY.

The Mission

“I developed WAVY with the belief that safe, supportive and clean sleep should be accessible to everyone. The majority of consumers do not realize the risks posed by the pillows they rest their heads on every night, so it was time to completely reimagine sleep health,” says WAVY Co-Founder Justin Min, “WAVY uses water instead of chemicals to make our pillows, protecting our customers and the environment, and all of our foams are designed to be fully machine washable. To further establish that pillow maintenance should be as simple as adding a step to our nightly beauty routines, we have also two created plant-derived washes, loaded with luxurious essential oils to help cultivate a beautiful, healthy environment for restorative sleep.”

We hope WAVY will bring comfort to those looking for a new solution to their sleep products.