WAVY was designed to provide the highest quality foams that can be cleaned for your health and safety. All WAVY products are retested and certified yearly and have received the highest grade of non-toxicity.

Our foams have the Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® quality certification, ensuring they exceed global standards for non-toxicity. OEKO-TEX® retests every product once a year as they update their catalog with new harmful substances. To read more about OEKO-TEX® please (click here)

Yes. Currently none of our products contain animal by-products and is cruelty free.

This is entirely up to your preference. We find our cooling cases to be preferable but any pillow case of your choosing will work with WAVY.

This is a process that uses water instead of chemicals to expand (puff) our pillow foams for a more natural and non-toxic product. 

When you return an item, it is thoroughly sanitized and then donated to a nearby nonprofit organization.


Our pillows, mattresses, and covers are manufactured in Italy. WAVY soaps are made in the USA.